Are you tired of not feeling good ?

Do you feel stuck ? Stagnant ?

Are you struggling to shed excess weight or clear away anxiety and depression ?

Are you always tired and swamped with stress ?

Are you tired of being told ‘The tests don’t show anything. There’s nothing wrong with you!’

Taking care of yourself, your health doesn’t have to be so hard. Our crazy modern lives and all the stress that goes with them means that far too many people fill their lives with junky food, packed schedules and cluttered minds. It all adds up to you feeling crappy and just ‘surviving’.

I'm Joanne Marks, Naturopath, Nutritionist, and Meditation teacher with  over 15  years in private practice in Sydney's eastern suburbs , helping  thousands of  satisfied clients reach their true healthy potential. I believe that  wellness is so much  more that just the foods you eat and the exercise you do.

About Joanne

 Effective treatment delivering real results

True wellness is about healing and balancing all the difference part of  yourself you  body, mind, spirit and soul. From this space, everything just  flows. That's why so  many quick fix programs fail. We need a whole lot more  support that just a list of  foods, a workout video and an inspirational quote each morning.

If you want natural ways to heal yourself then together we map out and navigate every step of your healing, allowing you a chance to integrate the new tools and choices you are now consciously making in your daily life. I believe that the process of healing should be as empowering as the result itself.

My clients range from women who are in their 20’s who now enjoy clear, smooth skin, through couples into their 30’s and 40’s who receive natural solutions to gynaecological issues and are looking to start a family.

The best results are achieved when using a combination of pharmaceutical grade herbal medicines, upgrading food choices and meals, nutritional supplements and health coaching, all of which give you all the support, guidance and encouragement you need.  This approach has helped many women, men, children and couples experience a true, deeper sense of wellbeing and vitality than ever before.

I deliver effective, natural, safe treatments are available for digestion, skin, energy levels, thyroid, reproductive and fertility, immune system and mental health.


Learn to meditate

In our fast paced lives, our fives senses constantly gather millions of impressions, sights, sounds and smells that help us navigate our world. Modern living can fill us with too much input and we go into sensory overload, start to feel anxious, stressed out and unable to function properly or even get to sleep.

I've been a meditation teacher who for over 15 years, teaching people both in group classes and individually mentoring. My clients have learned that meditation is the fast track way to move from the busy planning, scheming, protecting parts of the mind into the clearer more dynamic creative parts of the mind and continue to enjoy the benefits meditation brings.


Real clients with real results

In the last 15 years, I've worked with hundreds of different clients, both locally and who live overseas, all looking for better solutions to their symptoms and medical conditions. I have worked with clients who are looking to improve everything from their skin to their digestion and hormonal issues.

My treatments has achieved stunning results for my clients and can be seen by improving blood test results through to improved skin texture, boosted energy during the day, natural weight loss and clearing their their digestion and increasing metabolism. Take at look how.

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